"Wello it been a long time knowing you mate and the professional way you operate with your life and your cricket, if the kids you coach learn half as much as Iíve learnt off you they will go far as you are interacting with them from a much younger age. Spread your knowledge far and wide I am sure those who you identify to go to the top 80% will go and the other 20% prob got lazy and didn't want it for themselves as much as you wanted it for them. You told me I would play international cricket from the first time you saw me bat and I only scored 15 - haha good luck mate."

Kirk Edwards, West Indies Cricket Team

Session with Child Survival

We recently had a session with Child survival, an organisation which works for the slum children in delhi. Please see some of the snapshots captured during the session.

CCE's Bat donation at Dharavi, Mumbai

Coaching cricket excellence has made another donation in the form of bats in order to promote cricket in the distant parts of the world, which needs both encouragement and support of the community.

Bowling Machine in India

Hi all,
DPS Rewari School in Haryana, India takes delivery of its first ever Bola Bowling Machine. Coaching Cricket Excellence coach Amit Mahajan sends the first ball down with a little help from opening bowler Vikas Yadav .
Thanks to school vice-Chairman Aditya Lakhanpal of JPL Property Developers for making this possible.


Coaching Cricket Excellence in India

Wello visited India for the first time in October 2011 running coaching camps in Delhi, Rewari and the Mumbai Slums.

Photos from Coaching at DPS Rewari

Wello demonstrated his philosophy of athletic, dynamic fielding and fitness for all cricketers as well as addressing the entire school in an assembly of 2000 pupils and teachers.

Photos from the Santa Cruz slum in Mumbai

Youngsters from the Santa Cruz slums in Mumbai with bats donated to Vision Rescue by Coaching Cricket Excellence. Many thanks to Mark Ilott at Opro 360 who supplied the bats at such a reasonable price. Coaching Cricket Excellence's next initiative aims to supply 1000 BATS for the Mumbai slums, when we next visit India in January 2012.