"I just wanted to tell you how much Luke and Zach enjoyed their 4 days of cricket at New Year. The boys made huge progress. "

Nina Campbell

Coaching Cricket Excellence in South Africa

Having spent 4 seasons playing and living as an overseas player / coach in South Africa along with 6 other visits on holiday or watching England tours, I've been fortunate to gain a wide knowledge of the country and in particular the beautiful Western Cape and Winelands area. Coaching Cricket Excellence actively supports Corronations Cricket Club based in the village of Pniel near Stellenbosch.

Peter Wellings - Coaching Cricket Excellence

Kit Donation to Coronations Cricket Club

Letter of Appreciation - Coronations Cricket Club

Letter to Peter Wellings & Bernie Spratt after our joint donation of kit to the village of Pniel and the Groot Drakenstein Valley in South Africa

Thu 1/11/12

Hi Gentleman,

From the heart of the community of Pniel and Coronation CC I would like to take this opportunity to thank you lads for your unselfish and most kind gesture showed towards our club.

We are priviliged to know such caring people and as chairman of our cricket club I am really honoured to meet people of your calibre.

Currently our A-team, B-team and the women's team with the surrounding schools will benefit from the equipment you have donated. Lanquedoc, the little town opposite Pniel also has their own club now.

In the Boland meeting I promised to lend out a hand to help them also I've supplied them with some kit and will send photo's soon.

Wello (Peter Wellings) you are really developing our area in a way that helps cricket and others sports to grow annually.Children must play cricket and be kept busy on sportfields.The occupation of the mind through sport is for me one of the best ways of any alternative to drug related problems and the other issues young people face in our community.

I'll send some of the photos to our local papers.

Thanks a lot!

God bless!

Coronation C.C         Coach- Angus Simmers
Colin Myburgh         Lanquedoc C.C.-Ashley Anthony