"Just wanted to say thanks to you Wello, for the wonderful winter training Barnaby has experienced with the Academy this year. His confidence and ability has sky rocketed over the last few months and I really think this course has made a great deal of difference to his cricket. All the best."

Phil Cole

Coaching Cricket Excellence at Cambridge

Hi Peter,

I sent you an email last week in which I was telling you that the cricket session with our French students in CAMBRIDGE was just fantastic !!!!

Martine MERAT
DLC - Decouverte Linguistique et Culturelle
Voyages Scolaires Educatifs

Coaching Cricket Excellence's Success with French Students

Peter, I think since we have met 3 years ago in London you have done a very good job and work a very good way to reach that success !!!! Yes ! Over 100 cricket sessions with French students per year… WELL DONE and congratulations! I’m glad for you . You had a brilliant idea, and managed to transform it as a brilliant success !
I am not surprised because those sessions are so popular with our students. They like it so much!! It is because you have found the right way to interest them and make them enjoy the most of those sessions !
Passion and enthusiasm is what the teachers usually say on their feedback comments. All of them mentioned your enthusiasm and energy talking about you and your team !
Thanks for that and for all our students !

Martine Merat
DLC Voyages Tour Company

Coaching Cricket Excellence's Cricket Sessions with French students – a review

Hey Sara,

I hope you are doing well!

Our group ended up going to Coaching Cricket Excellence. Everyone loved it! The Group Leader said this was the highlight of the trip and the cricket team they played with was amazing. I just wanted to pass this information along to you for future reference!

They both recommend this activity to ANY group.

Hannah Garrity
Global Education Consultant
EF Educational Tours

Introduction To Cricket Sessions for French & Overseas Student Groups

Coaching Cricket Excellence have been running Introduction To Cricket Session for French student groups and other overseas groups for several years now – heading into 2014 we’ve done over 50 sessions so far. We provide 2 hour cricket sessions for groups ranging in size from a dozen people to a hundred with an emphasis on learning England’s national summer sport in a lively, fun environment. Each year we also work with American tour groups keen to try their hand at the cousin of their own national sport baseball.

We provide sessions in every month all year round with groups training indoors at the purpose built Eversley Cricket Centre in the English winter or when it’s raining.

When summer comes there is no better place to be than outside enjoying the sunshine and our outdoor training is held at 2 beautiful cricket grounds: Richmond Cricket Club in SW London (which is 3km from Twickenham Rugby Stadium) and Normandy CC in Surrey.

Being stuck on a coach is a necessary part of visiting the UK so we find that tour groups relish the chance to get outside and have fun rather than be inside on a warm day. Many groups tell us that their cricket session with us is the best thing they’ve done on their tour of the UK and our coaching teams enjoy them just as much.

Head Coach Peter Wellings leads most of the sessions and Peter is a competent French speaker and can conduct the session in French if necessary. Peter has also coached cricket in the United States, India and all over the world.

Coaching Cricket Excellence