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How to Throw

Throwing is a vital part of a cricketer’s armoury and one that is often neglected. Good technique is essential and with it you’ll be able to throw with accuracy and power regardless of your athletic ability. Here’s some tips plus accompanying photos on how to perfect your throwing style:

  1. Gathering the ball – Throwing is best done sideways so the ideal is to collect the ball with your body in a low, sideways position allowing you to release the ball quickly with your feet already set in a good position. The wider your feet, the lower you are to the ground and the better placed you’ll be to pick the ball up cleanly. (See Gathering the ball 1 and 2 photos).
  2. Grip – Cricket balls will swing if thrown with the seam up and this can affect your accuracy. Hold the ball cross seam with the top of your fingers just over the seam and touching the leather. This will enable you to throw the ball straighter whilst imparting backswing which keeps the ball in flight longer. (See Throwing Grip photo)
  3. Stand sideways – After collecting the ball align your feet sideways to your target. This will allow you to use your body and hips in the throw and not just rely on your shoulder. Point your front elbow at your target. (See Sideways front elbow photo)
  4. Backswing – As you prepare to throw, swing your throwing arm backwards with the ball pointing away from you. This will give you greater leverage to really swing your arm through the throw and generate greater power. (See Throwing Backswing photo)
  5. Use your arms – Point your front arm at your target then pull through using your body to create a strong rotation of the hips and shoulders. As you do so, transfer your weight from your backfoot over your front foot. (See Use of Arms photo)
  6. Follow through – As you throw the ball, your weight should drive over the front leg and your arms sweep behind you as your back leg finishes in front of you. If you’ve done that, you’ll know you’ve utilised all your body in the throw. (See Throwing Follow Through photo)

Practice and repetiton are the keys to developing a good throwing technique. Against a wall, with a partner or to a wicket keeper or baseball mitt man are some training methods you might use.

For added quality, throw flat and hard to the keeper – don’t worry he or she will have gloves on and aim for the ball to reach the keeper at head height, there’s nothing worse than trying to collect a ball arriving around your shins. For ideal role models, try copying Paul Collingwood, James Anderson or Andrew Symonds.

gathering the ball (1) gathering the ball (2)

Throwing Grip Sideways Front Elbow

Throwing Backswing Use of Arms

Throwing Follow Through


August 2008

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